Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Family Celebration at Kidz World

Congratulations to the first registered nurse in the family, Sheery Red Tuazon! We are very proud of you. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Yesterday's celebration was also Tita Lyrie's, Ate Ieth's and Amraphael's birthday bash. The fun-filled event was held here at Kidz World! Here are a few pics of the resort.

I just love celebrations! Guess why - you got it right. If there's a party, there's definitely food! First off - Hamburger with fries. The Burger was nicely done. The patty is tender and flavorful. The fries were also great, they were crispy and I was glad they didn't put salt! Everytime I order fries at McDonald's I always ask for a saltless bunch. Moments later, lunch is served. I had "Chicken Inasal" served with Java rice and achara (pickled papaya). My cousins and brothers-in-law had sisig. My aunts had grilled fish and sinigang na hipon (prawns in tamarind soup) and for drinks, I had a sweet strawberry smoothie, it was so milky and refreshing. My brothers and cousins had beer. They ran out of San Miguel light so they had no choice but to go for pale pilsen. Nyahaha, tiisin nyu ang pait!!! ^^

After a hearty lunch we hit the waters. Although the sun was blazing hot, we had a good time chatting,playing and fooling around with each other. Look at my adorable nephew, Enzo here. You should've seen the hotdog disappear within seconds.

And for our afternoon snack we had pancit! It was believed that eating pancit makes your life longer, and that is what I want for my family, more years to come for more years of love and fun! Have a nice day everyone!