Monday, March 9, 2009

Pantry Check - Chews, Custards and Macaroons

Ah, the joys of food blogging. I just finished my post below and here I am again seeking more reasons to post food pictures. So I came up with the idea: "Pantry Check". I'll be posting random foo pictures I found in our pantry. So here they are:

Chewy chocolate bars topped with crunchy oatmeal bits. You have to bite in to go to the chocolatey center that melts in your mouth and the addition of crunchy oatmeal bits makes this treat a guilt-free snack.

These are soft and creamy custard cakes. Soft chiffon with a layer of creamy-goodness on top. This heaven is perfect with coffee.

Macaroons, macaroons, macaroons! Every bite is very nostalgic. I've been eating these since I was a child. Every bakery sells them and up to this date, I enjoy eating them.

How about you? Have you checked your pantry lately?