Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shawarma Trippin'

One good thing about being Asian is that I have a wide selection of food. Asia probably has the most diverse food due to various cultural influences among other continents. It's really fun to try out a new dish everyday! Like when we went to this restaurant. Sorry, but I don't have the photo of the resto, I also failed to get the name. Talk about being a responsible food blogger. I'll keep that in mind next time. Anyway, this restaurant in Malate, Manila offers Arabian food. I personally love Arabian food mainly because most of the meat recipes are grilled to perfection, elliminating some of the fats and they use olive oil which is good for the body. The na'an or flat bread is to die for! An order gives you a stack and it comes with a lot of dipping sauces, mostly made out of bean paste and olive oil, and in one dip I think I tasted parsley and sour cream.

After a few minutes, the kebab platter came. Mmmm... chicken and beef kebab with roasted tomatoes, onions and lettuce. There were pickled vegetables as well.
It was heaven I tell you. The meat is super tender, it will literally melt in your mouth! The chicken is nicely done, so soft and flavourful. I just can't stop filling my mouth with these kebabs. I also realized how tasty onions and tomatoes are when roasted really good and since I had a few more na'an bread I came up with the idea of making my own shawarma. Ok, for the first try:

Sorry for the flashy part, I am using an old digital camera and navigating the settings was a headache. Anyway, I took some beef kebab and sliced it into small parts, laid it in the middle of the bread, topped with roasted tomatoes and lettuce on the left side and arranged the layered onions on the right side and oh, I forgot to mention that I smothered the bread with some of the dips. After gulping the whole thing down I reached for another bread and made a second one.

And again I apologize for the flash fail. Phew, I need a new camera. In my second serving I place a long beef kebab in the center, this time the na'an bread was smothered with some sour cream dressing. Placed the veggies at the side and in one minute, I finished the whole thing. I was so stuffed that I could barely breathe out my stomach. After a while the eggplant rice came and a bunch of chicken and beef shawarma... ooohhhh... I could die now. I'm in Paradise! I've never enjoyed eggplant and rice this much and the shawarma was so delicious.