Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Korean Food - Chap Chae and Tofu

I love my workplace! Lunch is definitely something to look forward to. At the food court we have lots of options, lots and lots of food! This time I want to try more Korean food. So I ordered:

Chap Chae

Stir Fried Tofu

Chapchae is the most popular noodle dish in Korea. Adding a little cornstarch helps the marinade adhere to the beef mixture so that a little beef goes a long way. At first sight, it looks messy and unappealing to me. Well, that's how the lady served it. The clear noodles are tainted in dark sauce and mixed with lots of cabbage. I had my first taste and later on I realized I was eating it non-stop! It was really good! I like how the noodles stick together but it goes down really well, the sauce is somehow sweet, just the right sweetness and I really enjoyed it. I'll give it 8 out of 10.

I love tofu! So I got excited ordering this stir fried tofu. This one is stir fried with cabbage and carrot strips. The tofu was great, together with the vegetables, it was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. The whole contrast worked well even though the soy sauce is a bit strong for me. I'll give it 7 out of 10. I just had another taste of Korean food and I can't wait to come back for more!