Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hap Chan Chinese Food

The restaurant is called Hap Chan. After attending mass, we went here for lunch. A few minutes after our arrival there was a power power outage. We were already sitting comfortably when the waitress approached and told us that their machine used to cook food was not available since it runs on electricity, so we decided to wait 5 minutes and see if everything will return back to normal. In Chinese restaurants they serve tea before a meal so we sipped on some light tea. We already finished the whole teapot and still, lights were off so we told the waitress that we'll just look for another place and thanked her for the free tea. Of course it was just a joke ^^. Moments later, power went back so we went ahead and placed our orders..

The drinks came up first we had lemonade, soya milk, iced tea and four seasons. Their lemonade lacks zest but I liked their iced tea. Here in the Philippines, iced tea is like the fast food drink of almost all chains. Their version was very unique, I am a tea enthusiast and I can really say that their iced tea is brewed from real tea leaves not from powder and I like it.

The drinks were followed by these:

From the top, starting from the left picture - breaded shrimp, sweet and sour fish fried rice, pork steak, tofu with sesame seeds and garlic broccoli. The breaded shrimp was different but delicious, breading had no bread crumbs and the shrimp is steamed, not fried! I don't know how they did it but it was really good! The pork sweet and sour fish and pork steak were also a taste of heaven, what I like about most about Asian food is the fact that nothing goes to waste. Even the littlest vegetable garnish to the scoops of "food sauce", everything is edible! Their fried rice was yummy, I definitely tasted butter and egg in it. There were bits of carrots, peas, corn and bits of meat in it. The steamed tofu is a winner, it's almost hard to scoop it out for it was softened to perfection! I also enjoyed the garlic broccoli. I love the taste of garlic and I never imagined it would go well with broccoli! They were all so good that I had seconds, here is what my plate looked like including the "aftermath". Haha.

For dessert we had - Buchi!

Buchi is a local term which is an equivalent for Japan's mochi or rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape. It is covered with sesame seeds and has a bean paste filling, this one had sweet yam paste. It's the best buchi I had so far! We liked it so much that we ordered another bunch for take out - which I end up eating most of them, haha.