Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looks Good Enough to Eat

I was searching for food on Google images when I came across some pretty interesting finds. These are fake foods that looks real enough to eat. Here are some of them and a few experiences that I was reminded of.

Gyoza. I first tasted 'em when I ordered some out of curiosity from a local Japanese restaurant, by "default" these are served deep fried and goes with a sauce but when I found out that you could actually request how it should be done, I've been asking mine to be steamed ever since. The fried version is good but I find the steamed version much enjoyable plus I get to reduce my oil intake. They are soft (if steamed) or crunchy (if fried) and the meat filling is really awesome. I already tasted pork gyoza and I wanted to try the beef one.

Sushi! Never, ever miss authentic sushi if you get the chance to visit Japan. I really like sushi though I've never been to a sushi bar. You know the type of restaurant where sushi is served on moving rollers. You just wait for the variety you want to get to you, just grab it quick, haha.

Pocky. A Japanese snack brand. So far I could say this is the most popular snack in Japan, specially among the youth. These are pretzel sticks dipped in a variety of flavors. The most popular ones are chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry. Even in most anime's this snack is also seen. I recall my brother buying one box and he never ate it at home. He probably wants to show it off to his friends and eat it in public.

Moon Cake. This is eaten mostly during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and during Chinese New Year but here in the Philippines, this is eaten as a regular snack. Isn't this key chain cute?! I remember last year when we had our vacation in HongKong, there were a lot of these food key chains, some were bento boxes, a soy chicken leg, a doughnut, dumplings and a lot more!

Japanese Pizza! I find this one very interesting. I consider the Japanese as the masters of the fake food art. Just look at this one, taken from a Japanese restaurant, the display is enough to tempt passers by! Another interesting fact is that Japanese pizza is unique. So unique that they use "unexpected" toppings. Toppings that you usually don't see on your regular pizza, just look at this Japanese Pizza restaurant menu.