Friday, September 4, 2009

Reyes Barbecue

Do you love barbecue? I do! I love anything grilled! While scanning through my computer folders I ran into some pictures we took when me and my colleagues ate out for barbecue! We went to Reyes Barbecue in Greenbelt 1, Makati.

The menu is all about barbecued meats. There is Boneless Chicken Barbecue for 115 pesos, a stick of Pork Barbecue is 45 pesos, Grilled Pusit or Grilled Squid is 160 pesos, Liempo or Pork Cutlet is 150 pesos, Grilled Hamburger 95, Grilled Bangus (MilkFish) Belly is 105 pesos. Pretty much reasonable prices. By the way, 1 US dollar is roughly around 48 Philippine pesos.

It's so nice to eat out with friends! Our company doesn't impose strict rules when it comes to breaks so we took our time, but of course we don't abuse this privilege. We were all smiles when our orders came, just look at my Chinese colleague and "mentally-challenged" friend (just kidding! ^^) Jessie.

Aren't they in cloud nine? Haha!

From the top starting from the left pic, that's pork barbecue on a stick, grilled tuna, bangus, liempo and finally, chicken. Each meal is served with rice, pickled papaya and a dipping sauce - a combination of peanut sauce and soy sauce or worcestershire sauce, I am not sure about the actual mix but I can definitely taste peanuts! And oh, that's a mango shake, over there.

Barbecue is more enjoyable if shared with friends!


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