Sunday, October 25, 2009

Realistic Breads!

I have developed a fascination towards fake food over the years. I don't know why, but there's something about fake food that makes me very interested. Nowadays, fake food is widely used for restaurant food displays. So instead of putting up real food which will definitely spoil at the end of the day, food shop owners are opting for plastic or whatever man-made material displays.

One day my mom enthusiastically showed these:
It's a small chocolate donut topped with strawberry cream! I was so amazed because it looked so real and smelled like the real thing, too! It smelled like frosted chocolate, really! And on the right, it's a stress ball that looked like a chocolate bun! Even the facial features smelled like chocolate syrup! It was too cute! Too cute that I even bought my own from the same store and here's what I bought:

More smiley choco buns! I also bought a fancy chocolate donut, it is glazed with dark chocolate, sprinkled with bittersweet chocolate bits and topped with whipped cream and peeled sweet oranges. The features are so detailed, anyone might mistake them for actual treats and eat it! Just look at the bottom part of the chocolate buns! It looks like the real thing!

And I also purchased those stuff above. That one is a purse. It looks like a tube of wasabi but if you squeeze the top part it will open and it has a lot of room for your small stuff like coins or whatever and no, you can't open the black cap. That's what I thought too when I first saw this. Good thing there was a helpful clerk to assist me when she saw me curiously tinkering this. Isn't it cute? And the last one is a box of Do-it-yourself cake. Yup, what you see pictured on the box is what it should look like after you finish sewing everything. Yup, you will sew! Inside the box are lots of fancy fabrics and cloths and other yarns you will need. Since I am so lazy, I let my brother do it. He is halfway through and I hope it will turn out right. How about you? do you like fake food , too?