Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Balut Anyone?

I was unpacking my stuff after getting home from the office when I heard someone shouting: "Baluuut! Baluuut!" I was like: "Oh my God! It's balut, this will be a great addition to my blog!" So I told my younger brother to call the vendor. Yes, here in the Philippines, most mobile vendors selling goods on the streets are shouting what they are vending.

Balut is a cuddly little duck egg that has been incubated for 17 to 21 days soft boiled and served warm. The few additional days of incubation makes a huge difference in the size of the duck. The egg with a line at the center is "penoy" it's just like a hard boiled egg, a normal one. A line was drawn so the vendors could distinguish balut from penoy. Look:

I actually had a hard time removing the egg shell, it was kinda sticking really hard so I wasted a lot of egg whites, I could say. I ate it with rice and a little sweet and sour sauce. A very filling meal. Nothing to be afraid of, it tasted like a normal hard boiled chicken egg. But this one:

Get ready...

Any minute now, a new alien species will sprout out of this embryo. Feeding on the flesh of the first person it sees. Haha, just kidding! Can you see it? It's the body of the duck! I can't eat this stuff so I asked my brother to eat it for me while I capture every gruesome moment on camera. Unfortunately, some photos were really... umm... culturally shocking so I decided not to post it here. Anyway, I think this is the only food I can't eat. Give me sauted crickets, fried frog legs and roasted rabbits, I'll eat them, but this one - nah! Balut became a lot more infamous when it was actually featured on Fear Factor. I just watched in shock as my brother gobbled the whole thing down without a trace of blood. How sweet!