Friday, November 7, 2008

Korean Food Craze!

I met a Korean girl while I was playing an online game. We started chatting about each others' country and I can't recall how the conversation went on but we eventually found ourselves talking about food! I just discovered that Koreans also use blood in most of their dishes like that of our very own dinuguan. Here it is:
This dish is called Soondae. This is a Korean pork blood sausage, it is stuffed with rice and sweet potato noodles. It is sliced and served with a dry dipping mix of salt, pepper, and ground chili pepper flakes. There are also other versions of this treat. This is often seen in Koreanovelas served by pojangmacha or street vendors. It is a very popular street food.

There's only one thing that kept me licking this picture off my computer screen...
Fried Kimchi Rice
The mere fact that kimchi is spicy and I hate anything spicy but this one looked so good, reminds me of tapsilog. This is Korean Fried Kimchi Rice. The name says it all - it's Korean, it's fried, there's kimchi and there's rice! Ahaha! There are a lot of interesting Korean dishes, try them out at your local Korean resto!